12.3. - 13.3. 2016 KOŠICE


Saturday 12.3.: 10:00 - 16:00

Sunday 13.3.: 10:00 - 14:00

FEE for seminar:

99EUR (in case payment is done by end of February 2016, if payment is done in March or on site price is 109EUR) if you are an instructor we have special offer for you. Do not hesitate to contact us at info@realnasebaobrana.sk

What is included in the price:

Program of this workshop will be aimed on the system called Urban Combatives, which was created by Lee Morrison. We will present you basic principles of this system, and during the workshop we will build the self-defense skills on these basics. We will show you how to neutralize the situation – Soft skill, but most of the time will be dedicated to practicing hits and tactics according to system of Urban Combatives – Hard Skills.

Urban Combatives is unique system of Lee Morrison, that applies the modern world combatives principles. He describes his system as follows: “What I teach is Combatives. It is different from martial arts, because there is no mutual dueling if someone attacks you, and you defend and parry the attack. If the situation requires it, then Combatives, is one sided uninterrupted continuous attack. If the situation shall develop to physical contact, and there is no option to avoid the attack or to escape, you will strike first, and continue to carry on the attack until you have eliminated the threat.
Keystones of the Urban Combatives system can be covered by these three thoughts: COVER, SHOOT AHEAD, CATCH and FINISH.
COVER – cover your head in some form of cover, to parry direct attack
SHOOT AHEAD – shoot ahead and thrust into the attacker
CATCH and FINISH – once you reached the attacker, catch him and eliminate him.

Lee Morrison is one of the pioneers of combat psychology with utilization of neuro-linguistic programming. It uses elements of visualization, positive self-motivation, drills and exercises to overcome stress and fatigue.

Principles of Urban Comabtives are very useful tools, that will help you move your capabilities to another level, whether you practice any form of martial art, or self-defense system

If you mean it seriously with self-defense, and you are an instructor, or you just want to learn how to defend yourself effectively then the workshop of Lee Morrison is a must for you.

If you do have any questions, we will answer them all on our email: info@realnasebaobrana.sk

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General Conditions

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Your personal information is protected under the law of NRSR NO. 428/2002 Z.z. , about protection of personal information.

2. Organizer reserves the right to not accept attendant, or to exclude the attendant, without any given reason.
3. With the registration to the workshop, the attendant confirms, that he is fully aware of his health condition. Organizer is not to be held responsible for any physical harm of the attendant.
4. Organizer reserves the right to not refund the registration fee, in case of no show up or late cancellation form side of attendant.
5. Organizer undertakes the obligation to return full registration fee in case of event cancellation